Our company was set up on June 2018, in Lembang. On September 2019 we found a place in Jl. Bungur 23, inside the Down to Earth Café.

Why we set up the company?

We looked at most of the big industries nowadays, their products and values or the lack of it.

We decided to start Tazza di Naturale. We like the concept of fairtrade, natural food and products, sustainable lifestyle and Go Green movement. So, all our goods are circled around those values above.

Our main purpose is to set up a shop which sells goods with added values behind it. By selling these products, we hope that we can slowly educate customers that there are more impacts created only by choosing the right products. Nowadays, supported by how the internet and information have grown, we can shop with knowledge and awareness.

We have the right to question:

  • Where does this product come from?
  • Who is the producers / suppliers?
  • Who am I helping by buying these products? Or What kind of impact do I make by purchasing this?

Our logo “Tazza di Naturale” means “ a cup of nature “. We also put circles around which represents ripples on the water. It starts from small, but it spreads. We want our slogan “let’s make a better world” will spread like the water ripples 😉

Our products are sourced mostly from Java and Bali for now. A big number of them are sourced from a social enterprise organisation which work for improving the life of the farmers and the communities around them. They have export quality, since some of the organisations have already exported their products before they start selling locally.

There are a few products from other islands in Indonesia, and a very small numbers are imported from abroad.

For non-food products, at the moment we have natural skincare, and artisan soaps.

The rest of them are food related , ranging from organic rice, gluten free flours, palm sugars, sea salts, moringa, teas, rosella, just to name a few.

We also stocks a number of delicatessen items made in Bali.

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